The Key of David

"the physical, visible reveals the spiritual, invisible things of God"


God’s focus was and remains the harvest of the earth, grown from seed sown in the corruptible bodies of humanity (Rev 14:15). This harvest will ripen when Satan is cast from heaven (Rev 12:9) and comes as the true antiChrist, comes claiming to be the messiah. He will give his stolen authority and power to the beast that has been dealt a mortal wound and has its body given over to be burned (Rev 13:2-4 & Dan 7:9-14). He will construct an image of the beast, and he will give breath to that image and make it speak – and this image of the beast will attempt to cause all who will not worship the image to be slain. It will cause all, small and great, rich and poor, to be marked by the name of the beast or by the number of its name. That mark (Chi xi stigma) is the tattoo of the Cross (Rev 13:14-18). This beast’s name is the Cross. And the man Jesus of Nazareth was sacrificed on a Cross as the reality of the harvest of the earth being persecuted and murdered by this cross-shaped beast, and by its image, constructed by the antiChrist.

Biblical prophecy is the story of the harvest of the earth. The single nation promised to Abram (Gen 12:2) is Israel, the nation that prevails with God. Israel was first the physically circumcised descendants of the patriarch Jacob, then becomes the spiritually circumcised disciples of Christ Jesus. One nation, one woman, who first gave physical birth to the male child who will rule all of humanity (Rev 12:5), then gives spiritual birth to the sons of God who enter into Christ’s rest as His many brothers (v. 17). And the story of this nation spiritually prevailing with Christ against the dragon and his angels (one of whom is the Cross) is the greatest story ever told, but it is a story told through prophecy and typology. It is the spiritually censored story of overcoming the X-rated history of Christianity.

Every understanding of Bible prophecies that either inserts Rome or the Roman Empire into Scripture, or fails to grasp that the mark of the beast is the tattoo of the Cross is of human reasoning and is not of God. Construction of the theological walls of spiritual Jerusalem begins with a foundation built upon Christ. Those walls begin with the Holy Spirit writing the laws of God on the hearts and minds of burnt stones – these stones become like the living stone rejected by men (1 Pet 2:4). They keep the commandments of God and hold the testimony of Jesus (Rev 12:17). Their righteousness must exceed that of the Pharisees (Matt 5:20), who were hypocrites. These stones must live by what they know is right. And the Cross murders spiritual newborns by teaching these babes to erase the laws of God from their hearts and minds before the ink has fully dried.

The articles and essays listed on this page tell the story of Christ versus the Christianity of the Cross. Of course these articles and essays are controversial – but the lad David slings one stone at Goliath. Four more were in his bag. And Christ today slings one living stone at the spiritual king of Greece. Four more are in His bag for the four kings that will emerge when the first king is slain. One of those kings is the Cross, aligned as the center of His sights. No living stone that He slings will miss its mark. The Cross is as good as dead. The fury with which it and its little horn attack the saints is its death throes.

Satan, the spiritual king of Babylon (Isa 14:4-21), disguises himself as an angel of light (2 Cor 11:14). His ministers likewise disguise themselves as servants of righteousness (v. 15). As teachers of lawlessness, their "end will correspond to their deeds" (same verse). Christ will, during their judgment, deny knowing them (Matt 7:21-23). Their only hope for eternal life is to reject the Christianity of the Cross and begin living as spiritual Israelites, not spiritual Egyptians. But few will. If they are firstborns, they will be slain at the second Passover, for they will not cover their sins with the blood of the Lamb of God; they will not take the Passover after the example Jesus gave. And they will reject their prophesied slaughter until their judgment, when their deeds are revealed. They will mock those who would save their lives if that were possible. And instead of listening to Christ, they will listen to themselves, and wait for their prophecies to come to pass. Their righteousness will not have exceeded that of the Pharisees.

The five stones in Christ’s bag are for the first great horn of the king of Greece, broken at the second Passover, and for the four horns or kings or beasts that emerge from the head of this spiritual king of Greece when the great horn is broken. Each stone will find and kill its target. Each stone will be slung at its proper time. Each living stone will do a work guided by Christ. The articles and essays on this page is a portion of the work done by one living stone, slung with fury at the spiritual king Christ appointed to be over Israel. And this first horn of the spiritual king of Greece must be slain so that the Cross will expose himself as the murderer he has always been.

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