The Key of David

"the physical, visible reveals the spiritual, invisible things of God"

Trinity or Tribe???

Is God one? two? three? or more? a veritable tribe of divine beings unlike any other within the creation? Is God a triune deity, unexplainable and incomprehensible? How can Christ's disciples be one with Christ as Christ is one with the Father? Does "one" mean one? Or can "one" be plural?

How can Christ be God and be with God and be dead for three days? Was God really born as a mortal human being? Did God really die? Are we to take the death of God literally? And does Christ's death really pay the penalty for sin if He didn't die, if He were preaching in hell for three days?

Is the Holy Ghost God? Should a Christian pray to the Holy Ghost? Should the Holy Ghost be called the Holy Spirit? Or is the Holy Spirit or Holy Pneuma the Breath of God? And does any of this really matter? Isn't God just God?

June, A.D. 325, in Nicea, the Emperor Constantine, newly converted to Christianity, initially was fascinated with Bishop Arius' contention that the Father created the Logos sometime prior to the Logos' birth as the man Jesus. Bishop Arius's contention was logical. God wouldn't be God, not really, if He could die. He would be mortal, like the Pantheon's lesser gods. He wouldn't be worthy of worship, so Jesus couldn't be the Most High God but had to be a creation of the Most High—an argument that reveals ignorance of why the universe was created, of who did the creating, and of the Most High's plan for humanity.

Politics, however, entered Christian theology before understanding did. Monotheism had long been a Jewish idol, just as was the Sabbath. Jewish converts to Christianity would not, nor could they be expected to give up the two idols by which they identified themselves as special. A compromise was necessary. One idol could be kept and one had to go, even if not immediately. The weekly Sabbath and annual high days divided Christians' loyalties, especially after Emperor Constantine issued his A.D. 321 edict, declaring the venerable day of the Sun a rest day; thus, Sabbath observance was the more politically troubling idol. In addition, the Sabbath was a commandment of God that had been surrounded by a thorny hedge of Jewish tradition, the hedge so thickly overgrown that it was beyond pruning. So monotheism survived; Sabbath observance wasn’t officially killed until the Council of Laodicea. Political orthodoxy eventually carried an illogical construct of a triune deity forward through history, leaving the Christian God an unexplainable mystery that must be accepted on faith.

Within the greater Body of Christ, a usually untaught concept needs to be introduced. While the exodus of the nation of Israel from Egypt has long been recognize as a type of a Christian’s exodus from sin, with the nation walking across the Red Sea dryshod being a type of baptism (1 Corth 10:2), the entire history of physical Israel exists as the shadow of the otherwise unobservable history of spiritual Israel.

I will need to repeat myself so there is no misunderstanding: as humanity approaches the end of this age, humanity has unraveled its DNA code, has come close to resolving how the universe is put together, will shortly discover heavy mass particles that will change the dating of the universe, and isn’t nearly as impressed by God as were our ancestors. But God has the means of truly impressing even unbelievers. Before the man Jesus was born, before the Holy Spirit came on that day of Pentecost, before the Apostle Paul was converted, the entirety of spiritual Israel’s history had been recorded, and was available for everyone to read. Shocking? It should be awe-inspiring. Two creations began with the decision recorded in Genesis 1:26. The first was physical; i.e., of matter. The second was spiritual—"spiritual" not used in the sense of philosophical, but as a descriptive expression for elemental energy that exists in an unfurled dimension which humanity can neither enter, nor observe. The only means humanity has of making observations of occurrences in that dimension is through observance of shadows, and we have reached Plato’s Parable of the Cave. However, at the end of the age, the shadow becomes so foreshortened that sealed and secret endtime prophecies were given so that spiritual Israel would always know, at least in part, what the mysteries of God were, and what was about to occur to His people, this spiritual nation.

Israel’s journey from Egyptian slavery to the promised land has long been recognized as a shadow of a disciple's conversion—of a disciple going from sin to salvation. What hasn't been as widely realized is that physical Israel's history, including the nation being divided and going into national captivity by Assyria and Babylon, is the shadow of the history of spiritual Israel. The Body of Christ, which is the true Church of God, rejected the new covenant just as physical Israel rejected the Sinai covenant. What Ezekiel writes in chapter 20 applies directly to physical Israel, and indirectly to spiritual Israel, only spiritual Israel’s idols aren't gold calves, but are Platonic concepts of heaven and hell. Sabbaths were profaned by both nations. The law of God was ignored. And God sent spiritual Israel into spiritual captivity, making the holy people slaves to the king of Babylon, Satan himself. Directions are twisted ninety degrees, making Babylon to the northwest of Jerusalem instead of to the northeast—this twist of directions needs to be understood to grasp how closely the shadow (i.e., the history of physical Israel) aligns with the history of spiritual Israel; plus, this twist needs to be remembered when engaging endtime prophecies. The spiritual king of the North isn't north of Jerusalem but west of the polis. It seems as if spiritual Jerusalem, itself, has changed its geographical location.

Emperor Constantine's participation at the Council of Nicea was analogous to physical Israel demanding a king. When the nation of Israel said, Give us a king like other nations have to rule over us, "Samuel prayed to [YHWH], and [YHWH] said to Samuel, 'Listen to the voice of the people in all that they say to you; for they have not rejected you, but they have rejected me from being king over them'" (1 Sam 7:6-7). At the Council of Nicea, spiritual Israel rejected God the Father as its king. The household of faith rejected the organizational hierarchy that came from the Apostles, a hierarchy analogous to physical Israel being ruled by the judges. Instead, spiritual Israel chose to be ruled by the supernatural power behind the Roman Emperor, a harsh statement but one that can be supported. And herein is where I wish to begin.

(When the physical/spiritual shadow relationship is understood and a person realizes that spiritual Israel was taken captive by spiritual Babylon, the person should spew out historical exegesis as the person would a mouthful of poison. Unfortunately, too many Christians will, instead, swallow hard and say, That can't be. They ingest the poison that will kill them, sending them into the lake of fire. Once they have swallowed historical exegesis, they are spiritually dead, with little hope of being in the first resurrection, unless they immediately have their stomachs pumped.)

Much has been written about the nature of God. Councils have been convened; conferences held; books published; heretics declared, hunted and burned. Wars have been fought about the nature of Christ. One political faction would raise an army and launch a war against another, as if swords and arrows could resolve questions of deity. Roman Christianity was even sacked—the city was just in the way—and sacked again, and again, in a manner analogous to the wars fought between the house of Israel and the house of Judah. The story of the northern house of Israel seems to be the shadow of Arian Christianity, with the story of the southern house of Judah being the shadow of the Roman Church. And tell me, during the reigns of the two Israelite kingdoms, how pleasing were they to God? They were faithless. They prostituted themselves, hiring their lovers. The kingdom of priests, the holy people (compare Exod 19:6 with 1 Peter 2:9) were divided, with neither worshipping God in sincerity and truth.

Certainly too much can be made of analogies, or parallels, but probably not enough has been made of the parallel of physical Israel being the visible shadow of what has occurred in the invisible realm of spiritual Israel. Humanity cannot see into the unfurled dimensions in which the Father and His Messiah, angels and demons exist, create, work, and fight. A three-dimensioned cylinder appears as a circle on a two-dimensional plane. None of its height can be ascertained. Likewise, at least one unfurled dimension, such as our space-time, exists about which humanity can make no observations (unfurled used in the same sense as the concept is used in M-theory, or Super String Theory). This dimension would incorporate what we would regard as primal forces, that is force before being looped into a string. The four known forces and matter (all of the universe) become, then, aspects of a single production or construction within this unfurled dimension, which has as other constructions angelic beings. In a way, a person can think of the vastness of the universe as a spacestation erected within the domain of heaven, the analogy not perfect but accurate enough to convey the sense that humanity lives as lab mice in a space station, with most of the mice historically believing that nothing exists beyond the exterior walls of the bio lab in which these mice live, and with a few mice now believing that other mice are in other bio labs, little realizing that the entirety of what these mice can observe is merely a cage that supplies them with the essentials they need for life in space.

God the Logos, Theos (John 1:1), created the spacestation (v. 3), but He was working with God the Father, Theon, who would use the modified mental processes of the lab mice to create beings like Themselves, as hard as all of this is to accept. Again, two creations were planned before this spacestation was built. The first was entirely physical, with life being fueled by cellular engines that oxidized sugars. The second is entirely spiritual, and will utilize only the mental processes sculpted by these physical creatures. When Lucifer, created perfect as the pinnacle of Theon's directly-constructed creative ability, rebelled, God the Father, Theon, apparently realized perfection itself produced the fault that lead to Satan choosing to rebel. The solution required creating a flawed creature, who wouldn’t become full of himself. But creating a flawed spiritual being would only produce a flawed spiritual being. What needed to be created was a mutable being that could choose to do "right" until this creature's character was set or sculpted to always choose to do that which is right. This is what the Apostle Paul admits that he doesn’t understand, this war between his mind and his flesh (Rom 7:7-25). Then this "character" could be inserted into a spiritual body. Through indirection, the fault that caused Lucifer to rebel would be eliminated. The created being would be like Theon and Theos, in that the being would be a spiritual creature who would always choose to do what is right, and who would have the power to execute its decision to always do what is right, this second point extremely important. The promise is that Theon would adopt these spiritual creatures as His actual heirs just as Theos is now His first born Son.

If all of this sounds like the subject of fiction writers, it is. King Solomon said, three millennia ago, that there was nothing new under the sun. The only thing new since then is understanding that the existence of another unfurled dimension is not merely a possibility, but a reality, and that we can see what happens in that dimension by the shadow cast in our own affairs. This latter revelation is just that, a revelation given so prophecy can be understood. It sounds very fictionesque, and it can be easily dismissed. After all, wasn't all truth restored to the Body of Christ seventy years ago? That is the prevailing teaching of the splintered Churches of God. And this assumption places them in an intellectual timewarp, effectively stymieing spiritual growth. It turns them into unthinking Laodecians.

What must be understood is that Homer Kizer Ministries and The Philadelphia Church are not slivers of the former Worldwide Church of God, or of any of its splinters, nor are we satellites of the Seventh Day Adventists, or the Seventh Day Baptists, or of the Church of God, Seventh Day. We are a new work, raised up to repair the walls of spiritual Jerusalem, while preaching the good news of Christ's return as the all powerful Messiah and having love for all humanity. As such, it is a mistake to assume that a person knows what will be revealed in our literature prior to reading the literature of this ministry. It is a double mistake to think that we have taken a little from this organization, and a little from that organization, blended doctrines in a spiritual Cuisinart until creamy, then spread them on Matzos to make the unleavened bread more palatable. Rather, we have been as honest with the original Scriptural texts as we know how to be, always careful to listen for Christ's voice, and careful to repeat what has been given. This means that, although we are within the traditions of the greater Body of Christ, we are doctrinally distinct. One of those distinctions is that we are continuing to grow in grace and knowledge. The essays published on the ministries' website can be considered our best understanding on a subject at the time of publication. Books and essays published earlier reflect what was then our best understanding, and may still be. A person is welcome to compare past and present literature, but to use our past literature as the basis for or against an argumentative position is problematic at best, and usually dishonest in all or part of the argument.

God the Logos, or YHWH (same deity) was the God of physical Israel (Exod 20:2 et al). He spoke His commandments from atop Mt. Sinai on the day that would become Pentecost, His spoken words analogous to spiritual Israel receiving the Holy Spirit on that day of Pentecost. The spoken words of YHWH, or living words, entered each physical Israelite through his or her ears, and should have remained within the minds and hearts of these liberated slaves. But Israel didn't want to hear YHWH's voice, which was directly analogous to receiving the Holy Spirit, or Holy Pneuma, or the Breath of God. It is the Breath of God inside a spiritual Israelite that causes the laws of God to be written on hearts and minds under the new covenant (Heb 8:10 & 10:16; Jer 31:33). This writing of the laws of God on hearts and minds is the circumcision of hearts and minds promised under the second covenant (Deu 30:6) mediated by Moses.

Jesus, when describing the Holy Pneuma to Nicodemus, compared it to wind (John 3:8)—and indeed, my breath is like wind. The Breath of God, then, would have unimagined power just as wind can have. The Holy Pneuma, however, is a metaphoric expression for the creative power of God, which has no direct analogy in the physical creation. It is an undetectable force that is able to do whatever task God needs accomplished. But I don't assign personhood to my breath. You don’t assign personhood to your breath. Nor should someone assign personhood to the Breath of God. Even the idea of assigning personhood to the Breath of God seems a little silly. And the person who makes love to the Breath of God fools around with a familiar spirit—the person who prays to the Breath of God mocks both the Father and Christ.

To justify praying to the Breath of God, translators have assigned the icon expression the Holy Ghost to the Greek icon expression, Pneuma to Hagio. Whereas the expression the Holy Breath would not suggest personhood, using the icon "Ghost" for the icon "Pneuma" might. The problem is entirely a matter of the assumptions of the translators. If translators hadn't swallowed the poison of historical exegesis, then no assumption of personhood would exist in Scripture to cause pneuma, meaning breath, to be translated as ghost, or even spirit. The Holy Pneuma is like wind, Christ said so. Breath is like wind. And a person will either believe Jesus that the Holy Pneuma is like wind, or the person will make a fool of him or herself by insisting that wind is like a person. Take your choice: believe Jesus, or believe the demonic power behind the Roman Emperor. The Holy Pneuma is either the Breath of God and wind-like, or Jesus didn't know what He was talking about. But you will have to tell Him that He was wrong about what the Holy Pneuma is like. I'm not going to. For me, the Breath of God is like wind, like the uttered sound waves that carried the spoken commandments of God into the ears of physical Israelites, like the living words. The analogy is solid. The physical utterance by YHWH of His commandments is an accurate shadow of receiving the Father's Breath inside a drawn disciple's heart and mind, thereby circumcising both through the writing of His laws within the person.

The Holy Spirit/Pneuma is a force, not a person. The synagogue of Satan assigns personhood to God's Breath, but they believe they received eternal life by fornication, or however they were conceived. They can sing better than can most everyone within the greater Churches of God, but their spiritual understanding is below even the watchmen who would have YHWH again sending physical Israel into national captivity. If the synagogue of Satan and the watchmen were to play strip poker, each having to remove a false doctrine every time they lose a hand, I'm not sure who would first stand before God free of error. Certainly the synagogue of Satan could lose a hand or two more than could the watchmen before appearing naked, but both have enough errors that they could play well into the night.

With the third member of Constantine's trinity dissolving as a breath mint might, only two deities remain: the Father and the Son.

Spiritual Israel went into spiritual captivity because it rejected God. How the Father knew not only ahead of time but from the foundation of the creation that spiritual Israel would reject Him as their God, I cannot imagine. Time is certainly part of the creation of the universe, but what would it be like living without time, without history. That type of contemplation or understanding is of another realm, one that is genuinely awe-inspiring. Again, humanity can come fairly close to answering each of the questions YHWH asked Job, but until recently, even spiritual Israel was unable to grasp the idea that its history was revealed ahead of time through its shadow. This revelation is truly mind-boggling, especially so when you see how closely the shadow matches its reality. It should also both anger and scare us as we see how ugly spiritual Israel has appeared to the Father, and Christ. We can easily recognize how unfaithful physical Israel was; we can relate to the nation as the bride of YHWH. But we have a more difficult time imaging the very Bride of Christ as faithless as physical Israel was. The thought is initially repulsive—and it doesn’t improve any with contemplation. If anything, it stinks worse.

You, spiritual Israel, have been unfaithful to the Father, as unfaithful as a whore who has the resources to hire spiritual lovers. You, spiritual Israel, stand condemned before God, for judgment has been upon you, with the second death the promised death. You, spiritual Israel, have mocked both the Father and the Son by praying to Their Breath—and now, you will dare label me a heretic because I indict you of the blasphemy you practice and continue to practice? Christ is your judge and mine, and may He have mercy on you. My anger at you, spiritual Israel, is great enough that I would rip your lying doctrines out from within you without mercy.

You, spiritual Israel, deserve absolutely no mercy. You will receive some because Christ is merciful, but Jesus' condemnation of the Pharisees doesn't adequately convey the anger I feel when realizing how ugly you, spiritual Israel, with me being a part of you, have appeared before the Father for a very long time.

I would that you, spiritual Israel, were a counterfeit church, a creation of Satan intended to deceive genuine disciples by bringing to the world a counterfeit gospel. I could then ignore you, as have other fellowships of faith within your outer skirts. They will continue to ignore you because of how you look spiritually; they will continue to take their gospels to the world, hoping to place their gospel message in front of a newly drawn disciple before you pollute the disciple with your whoring. But you aren’t a counterfeit Bride—you’re the real thing, and you stink! You really are Hosea’s wife.

Do you really want to keep worshiping a triune deity you can neither explain, nor visualize? Can you visualize yourself? Every image I have is so revolting that I lack sympathy for you…do you really want rough love? You shall receive it, beginning now; for you have calluses where you should be tender, such has been your faithlessness.

Christ as the good shepherd will leave the ninety-nine to retrieve the one; He will also leave the seven to recover the eighth. Seven churches are on the mail route. Seven stars are in His hand. Seven lamps are lit. And He stands among those seven lamps.…Where are you, spiritual Israel, in this picture? Are you not an eighth, worshiping on the eighth day? Come, we have a city that needs a people, for we are few in number—and we are of the seven. See yourself as God sees you. Repent, and come. The houses are built, and the walls repaired. And you need shelter from the wrath of God, about to come on all of the world.

God the Logos, or YHWH—again, the same deity, and tread softly, spiritual Israel; from this point on, you are utterly without excuse for refusing to recognize the Father as your God—was the God of physical Israel and of the first covenant; i.e., of the shadow. The man Moses mediated YHWH's covenant with physical Israel, His firstborn son (Exod 4:22); and by covenant, the nation of Israel would become a holy nation, a kingdom of priests. The terms of the initial contract made between YHWH and Israel only required Israel to obey YHWH's voice and keep His covenant (Exod 19:5-6).

YHWH lead physical Israel out of physical slavery, and to a physical promised land for the purpose of producing the shadow by which spiritual Israel could see itself. All who identify themselves as Christians are a part of spiritual Israel, with the vast majority of the assembly being of the synagogue of Satan—that's right, that is what I just said. You, spiritual Israel, are primarily composed of the synagogue of Satan. By being baptized, you, spiritual Israel, have asked for judgment to now be upon you. Stand, and look at yourself in the mirror of the perfect law of God. What do you see? Christ? If you don't, how do you think your judgment is proceeding? Remember, it is the second death that awaits you. You died the first time, as far as the Father and the Son are concerned, when you voluntarily entered the watery grave of the baptismal pool. You, spiritual Israel, are the person who told the Father and Christ that you were ready to be judged, knowing ahead of time that Christ bears your sins only when you are in covenant with the Father. And ignorance of the law will hardly excuse you from a traffic ticket. Do you think a defense of ignorance will keep you out of the lake of fire?

If you, spiritual Israel, had before a claim of spiritual ignorance, you have lost that claim. What I write is testimony against any claim of ignorance. To now pray to the Breath of God, you willfully mock the Father and Christ. To not repent of your other idolatries leaves you in bed with demons.

Knowing that your judge is the same YHWH who didn't spare but eight from the entirety of humanity, let's hear your argument for ignorance. I give you permission to rehearse your case. Your argument will need a lot of polishing, for it has to be better than the argument that Satan has been using; he will have fire come out from his belly to consume him. And you, spiritual Israel, who are of the synagogue of Satan, need to realize that the king you chose for yourself will go into the lake of fire and will be consumed.

It's not too late to change sides, to quit the loser, to repent and believe the Father. As I said, in spiritual Jerusalem are houses that need occupied. A home awaits you, spiritual Israel, if you will rise from the bed where you now lie, and will leave Babylon. Angels will sing; yes, they will. And you won’t hear from Christ what He told the Pharisees, who are your judgment shadow. Indeed, they are.

The resurrected Christ told Mary Magdalene not to hold onto Him, that "'I have not yet ascended to the Father. But go to my brothers and say to them, "I am ascending to my Father and your Father, to my God and your God"'" (John 20:17). So, for spiritual Israel, the Father is God. The Holy Spirit or Pneuma was received on Pentecost as the reality of YHWH speaking the commandments of the Father from atop Sinai. The glorified Christ is the mediator of a new covenant with "a kind of firstfruits of his [the Father's] creatures" (Jas 1:18). Spiritual Israelites are to be a royal priesthood, a holy people, God's own nation (1 Peter 2:9), by believing God and obeying by faith the laws of God. The Father draws disciples out of spiritual slavery to sin, and offers to spiritual Israel salvation, which is the spiritual promised land. (For more information about the new covenant, request, What is the New Covenant?).

Do you, spiritual Israel, need more scriptural references? You don't, do you? You know Scripture even if you have been mistaught. So, can you begin to see yourself in your shadow? Or have you grown so fond of spiritual Babylon that you wish to stay? After all, staying is comfortable. You have built houses in Babylon, and you have prospered. A few Israelites have already returned to spiritual Jerusalem, and have rebuilt the temple, but not to its former splendor. It remains for this ministry to repair the stone walls of the city, and to rehang the fire-damaged gates. The Sanballats of the Province Beyond the River will oppose this work, and will be confounded; for the walls of spiritual Jerusalem have been rebuilt in fifty-two days. A little more work remains to be done, but already, the walls will hold. Out of the debris and ruble that lay around spiritual Jerusalem, using burnt stones and making a wall that the Sanballats claimed even a fox could breach, a work is being done, its shadow looming larger than it is as the light has been low on the horizon. But when the Son of the Father stands close as spiritual forces come against this work, the shadow will shorten until it all but disappears, so great will be the repopulating of spiritual Jerusalem.

A tithe of you, spiritual Israel, will return, either willingly or by compulsion—and maybe that tithe is enough that the entire nation will be protected. The endtime prophecies that pertain to Israel leave the fate of the spiritual nation in our hands. But the shadow has more than half of the world identifying itself as spiritual Israel (Exod 5:5), of which Christ will turn his hand against two-thirds of them (Zech 13:7-8). Some quick math leaves a billion Christians to be refined as silver is, and tested as gold is (v. 9). Each of these holy ones can have a part in the first resurrection, can be glorified heirs of God the Father, younger siblings to Christ. A tremendous future awaits each person who has the courage to believe God unto obedience. Indeed, salvation/glorification turns Elohim into a tribe, with more members to come during the great White Throne Judgment.

It is Satan who says that there are no beings like himself, and there aren’t. He was perfect, until lawlessness was found in him. The trinity is him, the false prophet and the beast (i.e., the king of the North)—all of whom will be cast into the lake of fire. He knows his fate, so when he is cast down that final time (Rev 12:7-9), he will be angry; he will be like a roaring lion. And you, spiritual Israel, will need strong, stone walls to keep him out. Come, live in spiritual Jerusalem.

For Trinitarians and Monotheists the question becomes, is the tetragrammaton YHWH the Father? the question of such ignorance that I am loathed to answer it. But answered it must be, for how can the Most High not be the Most High God?

The Apostle John, in the opening sentences of his gospel, writes, "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God [Theon], and the Word was God [Theos]. He was in the beginning with God [Theon]. All things came into being through him, and without him, not one thing came into being" (1:1-3). Linguistically, two deities—Theon and Theos—are present, not one. English, because of how we have received the language we use, doesn't designate linguistic gender. Greek, though, does. In the nominative case (i.e., where a word is used as the subject of a sentence or clause), nouns that end in "on" are neuter, whereas nouns that end in "os" are masculine singular. The Word [Logos — used in the sense of the spokesperson] is masculine singular, and this Word will marry His Bride when He comes as the all powerful Messiah, so the assignment of masculine gender is appropriate. But the God [Theon] with whom the Word was is linguistically neuter, and thereby excluded from being the same God as the one that is masculine. John linguistically identifies two Gods, not one, nor three. Both deities have the root The, which is properly translated as God.

In a linguistic gender argument, how YHWH was translated by the scholars who produced the Septuagint must be addressed: Jesus said He came to reveal the Father, so the Father wasn't known to the religious establishment in Judea prior to when Jesus revealed Him to His disciples. Thus, when those Jewish translators in Alexandria were confronted with how to translate the tetragrammaton YHWH into Greek, they chose to use the noun Theon instead of Theos, as the Apostle John uses under inspiration for Christ/YHWH. Therefore, when Jesus quotes passages from Deuteronomy, He cites the Septuagint rather then the Hebrew Scripture, finding in the Septuagint's mistranslation no need to change the Greek name the translators mistakenly assigned to YHWH. In fact, the Septuagint's mistranslation solved His potential problem of having to reveal the existence of the Father to those who weren't yet to know about the Father, and about the spiritual creation. His life as the man Jesus was the last act of the creation He was to do as YHWH. He becomes the physical/spiritual prototype of how the Father's heirs would be created. Perhaps, then, the mistranslation was actually inspired; for if Jesus would have cited the Hebrew Scriptures instead of the Septuagint, He could only have referenced the physical creation, not the spiritual creation that had begun. He would have had to reveal Himself before it became time for Him to do so.

Are you, spiritual Israel, beginning to grasp how extraordinarily conceived and put together the physical creation has been, even to Jesus being able to quote a mistranslated text and both reveal to His disciples and conceal from the Pharisees the existence of the Father? Tell me, if you can, spiritual Israel, when do coincidences cease being coincidental? Within the past two weeks, I cautioned a friend about making too much from an apparent coincidence concerning a telephone exchange. It might just prove that he was seeing something he couldn't then explain except as it being a coincidence of importance. Since we assign meaning to words and to all other forms of signs, God and Christ can use coincidences to communicate with us, when we are perceptive enough to read the communication. If the scholars who translated the Septuagint could inadvertently assign the name of the Father to YHWH, thereby allowing Jesus who wouldn't be born for a couple of centuries, to cite the Septuagint to point disciples to the Father while concealing knowledge of the Father from the religious establishment of His day, then we are clay in a master potter's hands. We still need to be careful with coincidences, but we don't need to be afraid of them; i.e., fearful of using them as revealed communication.

In the introductory greetings of each of his epistles to the various churches, the Apostle Paul writes a close version of, "Grace to you and peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ" (Rom 1:7). We see Paul maintaining his linguistic separation of God and Christ in, "For God, whom I serve with my spirit by announcing the gospel of his Son" (v. 9). Paul serves God by proclaiming the good news of God's Son. The Apostle Peter says that this is why we have been called and made into a holy nation.

Even a cursory reading of the gospels and epistles reveals that there is God the Father and His Son, or Messiah (Rev 11:15). The question, then, is whether YHWH is the Father, who would have, at some earlier time, created Jesus, or caused Jesus to be initially conceived in the womb of Mary, His mother. Scripture will not support Jesus being the Father although a variation of this idea is at the core of the concept of a triune deity, the concept itself dependant upon the icon "one" conveying only singleness, not unity. And this is what too many wouldbe scholars fail to understand: the audience assigns linguistic objects to linguistic icons, a subject I have addressed in many writings, including in the first section of Rereading Prophecy (ISBN: 1-4033-2730-0), available as a backorder item wherever books are sold. Words don't carry their meanings around in little backpacks that can be opened to see what the author meant. Rather, by tradition—and by tradition only—meaning is assigned to words, those assignments shared within reading communities. Thus, if every person in a particular community decides to call those milk-giving animals about as tall as themselves "noodles," for that community, milk comes from noodles. Of course, not much communication will occur with the community that calls those same animals "frogs," or with the community that calls that white liquid "soap," but everyone within each community will understand each other. Each community will regard all of the other communities as heretics. Wars will be fought. And we have the history of Christianity, with disciples from the various slivers of the Church of God labeling me a heretic for saying the Elohim isn't a uniplural noun like "family" or "church" as they have been taught for the past seventy years. The noun is an actual plural that takes a singular verb or pronoun when referring to YHWH [Theos] as in Genesis 1:1 and 1:27, and takes a plural verb and pronoun when referring to Theos and Theon as in Genesis 1:26. Elohim is used in the same manner as my Composition students use the pronoun "they" for singular antecedents, oblivious to their mixing of linguistic number. The inspired Scripture is carefully presented in number agreement, but prior to Jesus revealing the Father to His disciples, readers were oblivious to this precise agreement, either reading over the plural assignments of pronouns without noticing them, or reading those plural assignments of pronouns as mistakes. Even today, wouldbe scholars will attempt to prove that Elohim refers to only one deity by citing the four times where the noun has a plural verb or pronoun versus the two hundred plus times where the noun is assigned a singular verb or pronoun—and labeling those four times as mistakes. They aren't mistakes, but are the few times where Theon appears with Theos in the record of the physical creation.

Someone, bristling with indignation, will insist: Words have meaning! Do they, really? Tell me, then, what is a malix? I can tell a dog from a pink at a glance, can you? Twenty years ago, I swallowed the anchor. What did I do? If your postal code begins with 97 through 99, you might be of my linguistic community. If you are, then you can answer each question as I have assigned objects to the icons. And if you can't answer each question, why can't you if words have meaning? Would possessing a dictionary help? What linguistic aid might help, if your collegiate dictionary won't? How about reading my earlier writings where I have previously used these same examples, and have revealed how I am using all of these words?

Are you, spiritual Israel, still insisting that the Breath of God is the third member of a divine trinity? Or have you finally repented of mocking the Father. If my indignation at your believing in an imaginary triune deity is any kind of a reflection of how Christ feels—I believe it is—then you, spiritual Israel, need to clean up your act today. Tomorrow will be too late. You will not be able to repent, but you will justify remaining under your present delusion. You will experience the Father's wrath, if you live long enough. And if judgment is upon you, the lake of fire awaits you.

Why do you suppose, spiritual Israel, that Christ will turn His hand against two-thirds of the holy ones? Will God do such a thing without first warning you to repent? It is actually out of love for humanity that this ministry will, in the vernacular of the day, get in your face and give you that warning. I'm not embarrassed to claim inspiration: the Sanballats will laugh, but they love neither the Father nor their neighbor although they will profess undying love for the king of Babylon. Let their king save them from the Father's wrath, if he can…he can't even save himself.

A reading community is based upon a set of assumptions. One such assumption might be that angels cannot die. A precept upon precept Bible study—how a person studying the Bible can be ensnared, taken and broken (Isa 28:13)—might produce a passage that can be read that way out of context, but the assumption that angels cannot die makes the Aristotelian claim that the Father [Theon] cannot deconstruct that which He has constructed. The claim is, on its surface, ludicrous. But consider what Herbert W. Armstrong wrote in his booklet, Did God Create A DEVIL?: "Notice that the wicked (the same ones Christ referred to) are to be ASHES under the feet of the righteous! (Mal. 4:3.) Therefore, this fire Christ spoke of in Matthew 25 is a fire that CONSUMES human beings! But Satan is a SPIRIT being! And spirit beings are not affected by fire! They are not material" (p. 18 — all emphasis his).

In the cited passage, we see the foregrounded assumption that God cannot or will not deconstruct that which He has created. The assumption is based on the secondary assumption that fire only destroys what can be oxidized, an assumption without Scriptural support. If someone were to do the math, the person would find that the New Jerusalem will not fit on a physical earth, that the weight of the city would crush the crust of the earth, that the rotational imbalance would prohibit remaining in orbit. The person would find that the fire which renews the earth actually changes the physical elements to spirit, thereby breaking the bonds forming the strings (assuming that Super String or M-Theory is the best explanation for the properties of matter and energy). The lake of fire is more than an oxidizing agent. It is a reducing agent that changes matter into energy, and energy into spirit, for lack of a better linguistic icon.

When Moses saw a bush bushing, but not being consumed by fire—the fire not an oxidizing agent—he said to himself, "'I must turn aside and look at this great sight, and see why the bush is not burned up'" (Exod 3:3). Moses had not previously seen fire that wasn't an oxidizing agent, but such fire existed here on earth, and was of God.

So, when we look at Scripture without the assumption that fire must be an oxidizing agent, we can now see where Herbert Armstrong was actually dishonest with prophecy. He writes, in the same booklet, referring to Ezekiel chapter 28, "Now, beginning with verse 12, and on to the middle of verse 17, it speaks of Satan himself" (p. 11).

Pause and ask yourself, Why would a prophecy break in the middle of a verse? Does the narrative flow of the passage change? No, it doesn't. Does the context change? No! Then what would cause a reader to assume that the referent for God's direct address would change? Merely the assumption that fire can only effect matter—there is no other reason.

Let's look at what Ezekiel prophesied, citing here the entire passage, long though it is, so that it isn't taken out of context:

Moreover the word of the Lord came to me: (12) Mortal, raise a lamentation over the king of Tyre, and say to him, Thus says the Lord God: / You were the signet of perfection, / full of wisdom and perfect in beauty. / (13) You were in Eden, the garden of God; / every precious stone was your covering, / carnelian, chrysolite, and moonstone, / beryl, onyx, and jasper, / sapphire, turquoise, and emerald; / and worked in gold were your settings / and your engravings. / On the day that you were created / they were prepared. / (14) With an anointed cherub as guardian I placed you; / you were on the holy mountain of God; / you walked among the stones of fire. / (15) You were blameless in your ways / from the day that you were created, / until iniquity was found in you. / (16) In the abundance of your trade / you were filled with violence, and you sinned; so I cast you as a profane thing from the mountain of God, / and the guardian cherub drove you out / from among the stones of fire. / (17) Your heart was proud because of your beauty; / you corrupted your wisdom for the sake of your splendor. [the break in the prophecy Mr. Armstrong references is here] / I cast you to the ground; / I exposed you before kings, / to feast their eyes on you. / (18) By the multitude of your iniquities, / in the unrighteousness of your trade, / you profaned your sanctuaries. / So I brought out fire from within you; / it consumed you, / and I turned you to ashes on the earth / in the sight of all who saw you. / (19) All who know you among the peoples / are appalled at you; / you have come to a dreadful end / and shall be no more forever. (Ezek 28:11-19)

YHWH speaks in first person throughout the entire passage. He speaks in direct address to the referent of the pronoun "you." He doesn't change referents. And from the internal evidence, it is reasonable to conclude that the referent is Satan.

What textual evidence exists to suggest that the referent for YHWH's direct address changes in the middle of verse 17? Again, there is none. Absolutely none. To state that the referent changes is to add an extra-textual assumption to the prophecy, which a person is certainly free to do, but those extra-textual assumptions are not inspired, and are adding to Scripture in a technical sense although comprehending any use of language with objects being assigned to icons requires the addition and subtraction of assumptions. In Herbert Armstrong's case, the addition of his extra-textual assumption that has created spirit beings not able to die causes the necessity of changing referents in the middle of a prophecy because he doesn't like, or cannot accept what the prophecy has to say. Therefore, he is dishonest with Scripture in exactly the same way a different person is who insists that because Jesus said He fulfilled the law, the person doesn't have to observe and keep the commandments of God. Each are equally dishonest with the Word of God, and each would deny that they have been, as will all those who subscribe to the extra-textual assumptions involved.

The long prophecy of Ezekiel's has fire coming out from the belly of Satan, the most reasonable assignment of a referent to the king of Tyre who was in Eden. That fire consumes him, turning him to ashes. The prophecy seems to address Satan's fate, which will occur at the end of Christ's Millennium reign, as a fait accompli. Judgment has been rendered on this king of Tyre, who cannot be a human being for that reason.

Concerning judgment, the Apostle Paul writes, "Do you not realize that God's kindness is meant to lead you to repentance? But by your hard and impenitent heart you are storing up wrath on the day of wrath, when God's righteous judgment will be revealed" (Rom 2:4-5); and Paul, concerning his conduct as a minister, writes, "It is the Lord who judges me. Therefore do not pronounce judgment before the time, before the Lord comes, who will bring to light the things now hidden in darkness and will disclose the purposes of the heart" (1 Corth 4:4-5). In addition, the writer of Hebrews says, "And just as it is appointed for mortals to die once, and after that the judgment" (9:27). Thus, the time of judgment is the great day, the day of the Great White Throne Judgment. For disciples, the revealing of their judgments will be when Christ Jesus returns as the all powerful Messiah. It is on this day when the hidden things become known, when those who are to receive commendation will, when those who seek immortality will receive eternal life. For disciples, judgment is upon them now: "who hears [Jesus'] word and believes him who sent [Jesus] has eternal life, and does not come under judgment, but has passed from death to life" (John 5:24). These saints figuratively died when baptized, and have had judgment upon them (1 Peter 4:17) while they lived as physical human beings as if they had been resurrected in the great White Throne Judgment.

No living human knows what his or her judgment will be, and cannot know since repentance remains a possibility. The judgment of a few historic spiritual giants has been revealed. They believed God by faith, loved God through obedience to Him, and they have their names recorded in the Book of Life.

But God doesn't reveal the judgment of someone who hasn't yet lived, or the writer of Hebrews errors. Therefore, since Ezekiel's King of Tyre has come under judgment, that judgment calling for him to have fire out from within him, this King of Tyre has already lived or is the same referent who walked in Eden, in the Garden of God. Linguistically, if this King has lived, and has had fire brought out from within him, then this King still lives in order for this King to be the subject of a direct address by God even though this King has been turned to ashes. We have linguistic nonsense on our hands, which is why many educated individuals reject the Bible as authoritative. But the problem isn't with the Bible, but with the dishonest way it has been read—the referent doesn't change. Satan is that referent, and his judgment has been pronounced upon him 4,700 years before it will happen. He will be utterly consumed by fire coming out from his belly. The Bible reveals when that is: at the conclusion of Christ's Millennium reign (Rev 20:10), in an age-ending fire.

I'm sorry, but for someone to claim that Ezekiel's cited prophecy—any part of it—pertains to a man contradicts too much inspired text to be an honest reading. Satan perishes. He will be cast into the lake of fire, and will be tormented until the conclusion of the age. He will cease to exist. God the Father created him, and God the Father can take him out—and will! To teach otherwise is to teach that the judgment of some human has been revealed ahead of time. That is not the case. It is far easier to believe what has been written if a person can shelve his or her assumptions long enough to hear Christ's voice.

For a person to assume that fire is only of the material universe, is only of the elements of the earth, and is only a means by which oxidation occurs, whether that oxidation is with oxygen or chlorine molecules, the person has limited how he or she can perceive God, the nature of Godhead, or even what God is presently doing. And all of the above is a long way to arrive at the idea that we need to be careful with how we assign our assumptions to inspired Scripture. We will have to assign assumptions, but we should be hearing Christ's voice and use, as best we can, His assignment of assumptions, and His assignment of linguistic objects to icons. We cannot, by our own reasoning, arrive at divinely inspired meaning. We can see what has been inspired, ponder why one thing has been included and another thing not, and we can formulate opinions that might or might not be correct. Those opinions, such as Satan cannot die, have to be subject to change as additional understanding develops. If a person says that he or she received all truth in, say, 1937 or 1973, the person hasn't grown any for decades. That is truly a travesty. How much greater a travesty is it to say that all questions of doctrine were resolved in A.D. 325?

The question that Constantine poorly resolved by Imperial decree had previously been answered by John in the beginning of his gospel: John states that everything created physically came into existence because of Theos, whom John identifies as becoming the man Jesus. But a second creation began at the same time.

The story of the creation of Adam begins: "Then God [Elohim] said, "Let us make humankind in our image, according to our likeness" (Gen 1:26). This passage seems reasonably well translated, so let's pause and consider what in our image might mean. Elohim is a plural noun, taking, in this case, a plural pronoun. But in the next verse—"So God [Elohim] created humankind in his image, / in the image if God [Elohim] he created them; / male and female he created them" (v. 27)—Elohim takes a singular pronoun. The difference is addressed by John: male and female humans are part of the physical creation, so Theos would have created them, since, "All things came into being through him" (John 1:3). But in the beginning Theos was with Theon (1:1-2); hence a plural pronoun would be necessary when they are together. Therefore, when the decision is made to create humankind in the image of Elohim, Theos was with Theon, but Theos did the actual work of creating humanity, male and female. Elohim, then, includes both Theos and Theon.

We have circled back on ourselves, and have ended up with two creations beginning with the decision to make humanity in the image of Elohim. Theos is in charge of the first creation, that creation of matter—the universe as we know and can perceive it. However, a second creation began at the same time, the creation of Elohim after its kind. Follow along in the text (King James Version): "And God said, Let the earth bring forth the living creatures after his kind, cattle, and creeping things, and the beast of the earth after his kind: and it was so. And God made the beast of the earth after his kind, and the cattle after their kind, and everything that creepeth upon the earth after his kind: and God saw that it was good" (Gen 1:24-25). What follows is, "And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness" (v. 26). Elohim cannot bring forth its kind directly, but requires indirection (i.e., a two step process) and the creation of male and female—the glorified Son and His Bride. Until Theos creates humanity male and female, Theon cannot begin His creation of the Elohim kind. So all Theon does is watch and wait, knowing that His creation begins when Theos surrenders His divine nature, and becomes a man, a creature of the type He, Theos, created in Adam.

The linguistic concept of procreation being involved in creating an image can be seen in the following: "When God created humankind, he made them in the likeness of God. Male and female he created them, and he blessed them and named them 'Humankind' when they were created. When Adam had lived one hundred thirty years, he became the father of a son in his likeness, according to his image, and named him Seth" (Gen 5:1-3). So, Seth was the son of Adam (i.e., in his likeness, according to his image), as Adam was the son of Elohim. Therefore, linguistically, Seth is a son of God [Elohim] through his father Adam, who was made in the likeness of God (Gen 5:1), according to His image (Gen 1:27). And realizing that Seth is properly identified as a son of God makes understanding the following chapter easier, for Seth's sons would then be the sons [plural] of God. Although angels are identified as sons of God [Elohim] in Job 38:7, Elohim as an icon consists of two deities, and exists more as a title than as a name; for, as seen, Theos was with Theon in the beginning. The creation of angels predates the creation of the earth—they couldn't shout for joy otherwise—and since the resurrected Christ identifies the Father [Theon] as His God, it is reasonable to conclude that all of the spiritual creation has been the production of Theon (there is, though, no textual support for the concept of Theos being created by Theon, Bishop Arius' position—that position is entirely based upon assumption, some of which is reasonable, but all of which is contradicted by John's gospel). So the sons of God identified in Job [the creations of Theon] would not be the same sons of God [the creations through human procreation of Theos] identified by Moses in Genesis. And since physical Israel didn't know the Father [Theon], and didn't worship the Father, but rather, worshiped YHWH whom John identifies as the Logos, or Theos, then it becomes somewhat understandable how the Book of Enoch's claims of angels having sexual relations with women could enter the popular culture. Although those fanciful claims should be too absurd to be believed, they periodically reappear when poor readers of text profess expertise. These readers produce, however, like the assumption that God cannot or will not destroy fallen angels, dishonest readings of Scripture.

The parallel is close: Theos first creates Adam, then causes a deep sleep to fall on Adam, and from Adam, creates the woman. In the story of Jesus' conception, the angel Gabriel came to Mary, and said, "'[Y]ou will conceive in your womb and bear a son, and you shall call him [Iesoun]. He will be great, and will be called the Son of the Most High, and the Lord God [Theos] will give him the throne of his ancestor David'" (Luke 1:31-32). Remember, Jesus' birth is still part of the physical creation, so it is appropriate to have Theos both determining the lineage of the Messiah, and to be controlling this greatest of all technological feats, His entering His creation through the process of human birth. Theos will be born as a man. John the Baptist said, when seeing Jesus coming toward him, "'This is he of whom I said, "After me comes a man who ranks ahead of me because he was before me"'" (John 1:30). John the Baptist's words might sound a little like a riddle until the Apostle John, though inspiration, reveals the answer.

The spiritual creation of Theon actually begins when Jesus is baptized and the Breath/Pneuma of Theon descends upon Him in the form of a dove. The deep sleep that YHWH caused to come over Adam is analogous to Jesus' time in the grave. The creation of Eve is analogous to the creation of spiritual Israel. The serpent's deception of Eve began with, "'You will not die'" (Gen 3:4). Satan's deception of spiritual Israel began with the Platonic concept of humanity having an immortal soul. And we can see from the shadow why it is said that through Adam sinned entered the world. Christ, as the second Adam, will not eat the forbidden fruit, regardless of whether spiritual Israel or anyone else offers it to Him. Adam ate although there is no indication in Scripture that he was deceived.

If Christ will not eat the forbidden fruit, He will not marry a spiritually defiled Bride…how many doctrines of demons does it take to defile the Bride of Christ? Do you suppose one is enough? And do you, spiritual Israel, really believe that you received eternal life apart from it being a gift of God? Think before you answer. You will be judged by your words. It might help if you request, Heaven, Hell or Somewhere Between.

Each creation has one God: YHWH or Theos (same deity) is the God of physical Israel and of the physical creation. The person who prays to YHWH excludes him or herself from being a part of the new covenant. Whether this person has the earnest of eternal life residing in the person is for the Father and His Son to know, and to reveal when Christ comes as the all powerful Messiah. I cannot, nor can any other human being, know ahead of time what the person's judgment is. For myself, though, I would rather send my prayers to the Father, each uttered by the authority Christ has invested in drawn disciples.

The spiritual creation also has one God: the Father [Theon] (John 20:17). And nothing can be known about this spiritual creation that is occurring in that unfurled dimension which we cannot enter unless those happenings are revealed by someone from that dimension, which is what Theos came as the man Jesus to do. We have been given a shadow of what will and what has occurred in that dimension, with additional sealed and secret prophecies given to reveal what cannot be ascertained by observing the shadow.

Knowledge of physical Israel being the shadow of spiritual Israel was revealed in the 1st-Century, but merely revealing the parallel relationship did not prevent spiritual Israel from profaning God's sabbaths; did not prevent spiritual Israel from worshiping idols, the work of human hands; did not prevent spiritual Israel from worshiping demons, even into the Tribulation (Rev 9:20). As a result, we find that the history of physical Israel being divorced by YHWH, and being sent into national captivity is the shadow of the history of spiritual Israel, with this endtime work of Homer Kizer Ministries and of The Philadelphia Church being analogous to Nehemiah rebuilding the walls of physical Jerusalem. The angel of the Church in Philadelphia is the spiritual type of the man Nehemiah.

Shadows are not exact reproductions of reality, since the location of the light source that creates the shadow also distorts the shadow. One-to-one correspondences don't necessarily exist, nor should they be expected. For example, for seventy years, no holy one lived in physical Jerusalem. All lived as captive peoples, with the historic focus on the captives living in Babylon. Spiritual Israel was likewise taken captive by spiritual Babylon, with all of the holy ones living within the borders of spiritual Babylon for 700 years. In this analogy the walls of Jerusalem are spiritual doctrines held by the holy ones, with disciples being addressed as living stones (1 Peter 2:4-5); so for 700 years, there were no living stones inside of the doctrines of Christ, with the sabbaths of God as the best gauge to measure the stones. But just as Daniel lived in Babylon, so, too, did saints live inside the doctrines of spiritual Babylon. For the Father's purpose, He needs a person to always choose to do what the person knows is right, thereby sculpting the person's character. If the person doesn't know to do something, such as to keep the sabbaths of God, then Christ has to bear additional sins that He shouldn't have to bear. But Satan hasn't foiled the Father's purpose as long as the person does do what the person knows is right. However, Christ doesn't return to spiritual Babylon. Rather, He destroys Babylon. So the holy ones must leave Babylon, and return to spiritual Jerusalem. The order to return was given by the spiritual King Cyrus of Babylon (Ezra 5:13), one of the demonic princes [sars] of spiritual Persia, which still identifies itself as Babylon.

So that the history of physical Israel being the shadow of spiritual Israel can be understood, a person must realize that Sanballet the Horonite and Tobiah the Ammonite didn't know that Nehemiah intended to rebuild Jerusalem's walls even though King Artaxerxes did know. Nehemiah didn't reveal his intentions to "the Jews, the priests, the nobles, the officials, and the rest that were to do the work" (Neh 2:16) until after he did a little pre-construction scouting. In the reality of this shadow, the angel of the Philadelphia church didn't reveal to those who would do the work what he was about until after he did some middle-of-the-night scouting. Again, the angel of the Philadelphia church is the spiritual equivalent to Nehemiah, and what Christ says to this angel has been revealed for us to read. And the angel has now revealed to us the work we have to do: we are the burnt stones that will be, and have been rebuilt into the walls of spiritual Jerusalem. We have in us the doctrines that strengthen those stones, turning them into living stones, so that they will withstand the attack of the king of Greece, coming soon on the winds of political correctness.

Again, care must be taken not to make too much from shadows, but as humans we have, outside of long sealed but now revealed prophecies, no other way of discerning what has or will occur in the spiritual creation without looking at the shadow of physical Israel's relationship with YHWH, a sad record of idolatry and lawlessness. Spiritual Israel's relationship with God the Father is similarly sad. The realization of how ugly spiritual Israel looks to the Father, of how faithless spiritual Israel has been, of what a whore this Bride of Christ has been leaves me deeply grieved. It was, truly, easier to believe that the synagogue of Satan never knew the Father, and was merely a counterfeit of spiritual Israel. But that isn't the case, and has never been. Spiritual Israel must repent of her prostitution, must leave Babylon, must seek the safety of spiritual Jerusalem, and must repopulate the city. She must purify herself, becoming a Bride attractive to Christ, becoming someone Christ will want to marry. He will not marry a whore in Babylon—and if you, spiritual Israel, think that He will, you are not only faithless, you aren’t very intelligent.

The 2300 days of Daniel's second vision (Daniel chpt 8) seems to be, in the physical creation, the 2300 years between when the order went out to rebuild the temple at Jerusalem, and when the sovereignty of Jerusalem was returned to the physical descendants of the house of Judah in the Six Day War. The temple was not then restored as was expected by prophecy experts, for the ongoing creation is spiritual, not physical—the physical creation was completed at Calvary. History is now playing itself out, awaiting when the spiritual creation reaches the same point in time, or when the shadow aligns with its reality. In the spiritual creation, the 2300 days are actual days which can be counted backwards from when Christ fights as on a day [note the indefinite article] of battle halfway through the Tribulation. If understanding of these 2300 days has been unsealed, as I argue in the literature of this ministry, then that clock has started ticking.

If a Bible expert looks at the prophecies of the Book of Revelation and wonders how can humanity be as oblivious to what has and is then occurring as were the people in the days of Noah (Matt 24:37-39), the expert doesn't understand the new covenant, nor how the recorded history of physical Israel is the shadow of the history of spiritual Israel. Understanding hasn't been given to this so-called expert—and understanding has to be given. It doesn't come from human intellect, nor from demons. It comes as a gift from the Father, to be used for the work of proclaiming the mighty deeds of Christ. And to whom much has been given, much is expected: we have a tremendous work to do, and we have very little strength.

Jesus wasn’t just a little angry at the spiritual leaders of Judea; He was very angry. They had been put in charge of a people, but had shown no love for the people. They taught the law, and tried to obtain righteousness through very stricter keeping of the law, but righteousness will never come when an individual’s focus is upon him or herself. A person whose focus is upon "self" will inevitably succumb to the flaw found in Satan, the justification of self that eventually produces rebellion. A person’s look must be outward. All of the law points a person to God and to his or her neighbor. A person becomes clean when standing inside of oneself and looking out, not when outside of oneself and looking in. Only from the center of the cup can the inside be made truly clean.

In the reality of the shadow of Pharisaical law-keeping, the leaders of greater spiritual Israel have professed love for the people, while denying the people the only means by which true love can be expressed. By concealing the law of God from lay members through either prohibiting its reading, or by teaching that the law has been fulfilled and need not be kept, these leaders have sought to erase what God the Father has written on the hearts and minds of drawn disciples. Literally, these leaders have sought to remove the Holy Spirit/Pneuma from disciples.

Jesus commanded His disciples to "’make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit’" (Matt 28:19)—the promises of the new covenant are that God will put His laws in the minds and on the hearts of disciples; and these disciples shall not teach one another to Know the Lord, but shall all know God; and God will remember their sins no more. The juxtaposition of disciples knowing God and baptizing disciples in the name of the Father supports forgiving sins describing baptizing disciples in the name of the Son, and the writing of the laws of God on hearts and minds describing baptizing in the name of the Holy Spirit/Pneuma. Receiving the Holy Pneuma or Breath of God is the reality of the shadow which was having Israel hearing the spoken words of YHWH on that first Feast of Weeks/Pentecost. Therefore, when the Father draws a disciple from the world, He inserts a small amount of His Breath into the disciple, which then causes the disciple to know God and to have his or her sins forgiven even prior to when the disciple leaves spiritual Egypt. The disciple won’t know to leave if the disciple isn’t modified spiritually. The Breath of God doesn’t work from outside the disciple, but from within the disciple. The reality of the new covenant made with spiritual Israel is revealed in Peter’s vision and Cornelius’ conversion: the Holy Spirit comes before baptism. Cornelius and his household’s conversion wasn’t an anomaly, but the change of pattern from the physical shadow to the spiritual reality. If it weren’t, then the circumcision faction’s argument that a disciple had to first become a physical Israelite before the disciple could become a spiritual Israelite would have merit. Paul spent his entire ministry combating this argument that comes to us today in the teaching that a person has to be baptized before the person receives the Holy Spirit…what would cause a spiritual gentile to want to be baptized if this person hadn’t already been spiritually modified by the Father?

The new covenant hasn’t been understood because the nature of the Godhead wasn’t understood. When a person realizes that receiving the Holy Spirit/Pneuma isn’t merely analogous to having the laws of God written on hearts and minds, but actually is the insertion of a supernatural element inside the person that causes the person’s heart and mind to be circumcised, then the person can begin to see how the person appears to the Father and Christ. The person can also see the wide-spread lack of love within greater spiritual Israel. If your teacher doesn’t love you enough to give you the only mirror by which you can see your spiritual self, then you need to change instructors.

If you hear Christ's voice in the literature of this ministry, we encourage you to join with us in taking this message to all of Christianity. Time is short. Spiritual Jerusalem will be repopulated. Babylon will fall; spiritual Babylon’s fate will be even worse than physical Babylon’s will be. So, begin a local congregation. We will support you in every way possible, discipling pastors and feeding you to the best of our abilities, asking only that you spread this message to the best of your abilities. The Father's and Christ's love for humanity is such that Christ opens doors for us that cannot be shut, so that all of humanity, when spiritually liberated from bondage, has the opportunity of receiving eternal life in the first resurrection.

Our immediate mission field is greater spiritual Israel. The larger field that will then need harvested is all of the world. We are told to pray that the necessary harvesters are sent. It isn’t the Father’s intention that the wheat be gathered into the barns of Babylon.

Halfway through seven years of Tribulation, all of humanity is liberated from spiritual serfdom. Everyone can walk away from sin. To reject this opportunity to walk away requires that the person willingly accepts the mark of the beast, which is the tattoo of Christ's cross, the symbol of the spiritual being who had Jesus killed. Satan's spiritual slaves must choose to remain his slaves. Many will, because doing so will seem like the right thing to do. They desire to serve God, and they will actually think they do God a favor by killing disciples—the Inquisition all over again, but elevated a notch. But where will the fault lie, if not with their teachers? Yes, they will be without a valid excuse, for they had the laws of God written on their hearts and minds. If, however, their teachers scoured away the Holy Spirit (if that were possible), leaving their hearts and minds stony waysides where no seed can grow for long, who will Satan credit for the murder of these disciples if not his ministers of righteousness (2 Corth 11:14–15)?

Sincere but mistaught disciples will do what seems right to them, not realizing that they have returned to spiritual serfdom, especially when they haven’t had the endtime scenario of events revealed to them. Even then, many will accept slavery to sin and its accompanying wrath because they lack the faith necessary to believe the Father and Christ.

The events of the Tribulation don't come as the world's prophecy experts have predicted. They don't come with a united Europe attacking the United States. Just as the temple wasn't rebuilt in 1967, or in 1968, but probably will be prior to when the spiritual first king of Greece is broken—in spiritual history, we are still under the reign of the spiritual kings of Persia. But the spiritual king of Greece, through political correctness and its tentacles, seems to have already conquered many peoples. We can see this demon's success through the shadow of the conquests of Alexander the Great. But this demon king will be broken when no peoples remain for him to conquer, and his kingdom will be divided. Thus, we should expect to see political correctness temporarily prevail in even Arab countries before the demonic kings of the North and of the South come to power.

The victory of the demonic king of Greece over the king of Persia will be very short lived, as both the shadow and the reality become aligned with emergence of the king of the North as the spiritual power in a physical man of perdition, the antetype antiChrist. We can then identify exactly where we are in prophecy, for that merging of spiritual and physical creations comes 1290 days before Christ returns as the all powerful Messiah, and 30 days before humanity is liberated from slavery to Satan. Thus, until the shadow and the reality merge, the activity that occurs in the spiritual realm can only be discerned by its physical shadow, which lies long on the ground as the biblically recorded history of physical Israel.

All of this prophetic explication and shadow examination circles back upon itself to show that there is a Supreme Being in charge of each creation, with both having divinity prior to when the first string was bent under tension. What Their relationship then was isn't revealed, nor needs to be. The relationship becomes that of Father and Son with the baptism of the man Jesus; becomes that of Father and firstborn Son three days after Calvary. Likewise, as a spiritually begotten son or daughter, our relationship with God is as an heir (as in a child) with his or her Father.

YHWH no longer exists. He literally divested Himself of His divine nature and became a man, exactly as I am physically. He wasn't half man, half God; nor all man and all God. He was a man who was born conceived by the Holy Pneuma, which is a meaningless clause unless the person realizes that all drawn disciples have been conceived by the Holy Pneuma, or Breath of God. Jesus was born by what came to me when I was in my mid-20s, that is, the Holy Breath of God. But He was born exactly as I was; i.e., without eternal life. The difference remains that He never sinned, and never deserved to die; I do deserve death. Because He didn't deserve to die, He can be our sacrifice for sin. And because He lives today, He can bear those sins that He ought not have to bear.

Christ bears our sins by a covenant agreement that He made prior to His birth as a man. He was determined to bear our sins even though He knew the history of physical Israel. Such love is not of this world. Consider for a moment if you would enter an agreement that you knew the other party would not keep, an agreement that called for you to marry a Gomer? The Church, as a woman, was created from His wound. The Church isn’t flesh of His flesh, bone of His bone, but rather, spirit of His spirit. You are spirit of His spirit—and would His spirit rest easy in Babylon? Yours should not either.

Do you, spiritual Israel, want Christ to give you back your sins because you don't believe you are under obligation of keep the laws of God that have been written on your hearts and minds? Are you like my dog that chokes down a huge chunk of spoiled meat, vomits it back up, then eats it again as if it has improved in flavor?

Seven churches on a mail route, but only one with the love to gather you in, spiritual Israel, regardless of how far away you have wandered, regardless of how ugly you look spiritually. I am angry at you, angry at them, angry at myself. How is it that we can appear so filthy spiritually and still not have Christ reject us, still have Christ give us another chance? And how is it that you can continue to prostitute yourself to every demon with a long finger? Yes, I am very angry. We have, collectively, taken advantage of Christ’s love, using its liberty to spiritually gratify yourselves with every rebel in the enemy’s camp. You bet there are calluses on your spiritual consciences, some so thick feeling love is no longer possible.

Will you read this, spiritual Israel, then go off and pray to the Breath of God? Or even pray to Christ, the mediator of the covenant by which you are being judged. Have you acquired a taste for bile? That taste can be acquired. I spent seven months at sea in 1979, and was seasick every day of those seven months. After awhile, bile doesn't taste so bad—until you have been away from it for awhile and return to it. Spiritual prostitution doesn't taste so bad, until you have been away from it. Repent! I cannot say this too strongly: Christ will not marry a whore. He doesn't need to get married that badly. If you, spiritual Israel, mock Him by worshiping His and the Father's Breath, have you not just committed spiritual adultery? You have, and you know it. Go ahead and deny it. Say that you were worshiping the Holy Ghost and didn't know that translators had called Christ's Breath a ghost, didn't know that eternal life is the gift of God and not received through fornication, didn't know that you were to keep the laws of God written on your heart and mind. Remember, though, that Christ will turn His hand against two-thirds of the holy ones, not to spank them, but to reject them. Their character isn't useable. They are liars, the Apostle John's words (1 John 2:4). The Father has no need for more Satan's. If you want to belong to Satan, accept that tattoo of the cross. Go ahead, curse God. You will soon enough (Rev 16:11). Or grow up. Acquire a little spiritual maturity. Start cleaning yourself up. You can be made pure by giving your sins to Christ, and starting over, fresh, in the new covenant relationship to which you were drawn.

So, spiritual Israel, what do you think about divorce and being put away? about being called at your judgment what Jesus called the Pharisees? What would then await you? It certainly won't be glorification, and you know that.

Yes, I am angry at you, spiritual Israel, for you are without excuse. Believe me, it is easier to hear what I write than to hear Christ say, at your judgment, Scram, you evildoer, I never knew you. Please, hear Christ's voice in my words. It's there. Take what I write and rid yourself of your faithlessness.

Prior to being drawn by the Father, I didn't possess the character nor the awareness of God to reject Satan's broadcast of rebellion. As a result, for the remainder of my life, I will be in a war with my flesh as to whom I will obey. This war will cause me to choose righteousness millions of times, and to be unable to continue in that decision thousands of times. The defeats do not really matter as long as the choice is always to do that which is right. This isn't to say that there ought to be any defeats; this is to say that Christ bears those defeats so that the choice to do right can again be made. And with each making of the decision of do right, my (and your) character is sculpted by me (and you) with Christ's help. It is this character that the Father could not create directly. So the entirety of the universe exists as a means to an end—actually, as a means to two ends, the other being the rooting out of the seeds of rebellion that Satan sowed throughout the spiritual realm.

Again, when Satan rebelled because of his perfection, the Father and YHWH came up with a plan to use Satan's rebellion as the means to reproduce Themselves, a whole tribe of Themselves. This plan would never have been needed if Satan hadn't rebelled. Additional perfect beings could have been created just as Satan/Lucifer had been. But because the creation of perfection doesn't assure the retention of perfection, beings like Themselves (Theon and Theos) were needed—beings who always choose to do that which is right in every situation, and who have the power to do what is right. The Father could, as He had for Lucifer, create a perfect body, and create a pure mind. But without the decision making process (i.e., the character) to remain pure, He would eventually end up with additional Satans, addition strife and war, additional rebellion. A decision making process set/shaped to always choose to do what is right is what our Father needs from us, and all we have that is useful to Him. If He needed more praise singers, He could create them. If He needed more harp players, He could create them. What He cannot create by Himself is Himself. We are the missing link, but only if we believe God unto obedience. If we rebel, we are merely additional fuel for the lake of fire. If we practice willful lawlessness, we are like a forged horseshoe that refuses to be bent. We are of no use to anyone. The Father cannot use our character to produce another being like Himself. We are rejected.

The mystery of God should never have been a mystery to drawn disciples. It has been because spiritual Israel has manifest the same error of lawlessness that physical Israel displayed. In the case of physical Israel, the law was initially outside of them; hence, something that could be bent and twisted and avoided. However, the Holy Pneuma was offered to physical Israelites who were willing to obey YHWH—this is an understanding that the greater household of faith doesn't yet grasp, and, indeed, cannot grasp because the greater household neither understands the shadow nor the reality of the new covenant. The evidence that Christ loves this fellowship, small as it is, lies in the spiritual understanding that has been given to this fellowship, not because of our righteousness, but because all of us have been tested and have been found faithful as stones burnt but not cracked. We have had the courage to engage both Scripture as well as the spiritual powers that have enslaved spiritual Israel. None of us are pillars of virtue. Rather, we are long on faith, willing to believe God and accept the heat for that belief from even the Church of God, mired in its partial understandings, confusing the physical for the spiritual and vice versa, having lost its first love, and refusing to believe that you, spiritual Israel, include genuine saints trapped in spiritual Babylon.

Because spiritual Israel rejected, and for the most part, continues to reject the idea that the Holy Spirit had been offered to obedient physical Israelites, spiritual Israel hasn't been able to grasp that the new covenant is the second covenant mediated by Moses with spiritual promises rather than physical promises. The covenanting terms or obligations are the same. Physical life (Deu 30:15) becomes eternal life. Physical death becomes the second death. The new covenant is the legalism of Moses repackaged in love and mercy. The laws of God didn't change between when they were uttered as spoken words from atop Mount Sinai and when they are written through the receipt of the Holy Spirit on hearts and minds. To think or teach otherwise is contrary to Scripture, and to the teachings of Jesus (Matt 5:17-19). Any gospel other than that drawn disciples are under obligation to both keep and teach all of the commandments of God is an accursed gospel. And if you don't believe lawlessness is an accursed gospel, go ahead and teach disciples to break the commandments of God. See what your gospel will get you. My love for you, even not knowing you, would have you to repent of such nonsense, but what you teach and do is your choice. Christ commands you to choose life (Deu 30:19-20), but He won't force you to choose intelligently …if you are so stupid as to choose lawlessness over loving God, obeying Him and holding fast to Him, then you belong in the lake of fire. Your choice. Christ won't make it for you. He will get in your face, and He will flip over the tables of money changers, but He does so to awaken you from the spell Satan has cast over you through his broadcast of rebellion.

Yes, I am angry at those who refuse to believe God, whether in the Body of Christ or outside; yes, I am! And because I am, Christ will open doors to this message as the fields of humanity ripen, ready to be harvested by faithful disciples who are accumulating treasure in heaven.

This is not a pray & pay ministry, but a pray and teach work that will ignite a war Satan cannot win. Satan has had too much success within spiritual Israel for far too long. D-Day is on its way, for both spiritual Israel and all of humanity. Again, everyone alive halfway through the Tribulation will be spiritually liberated. Only those who go into covenant with Satan by accepting the mark of the beast cannot be a part of the first resurrection. Rejecting Satan's covenant might well mean martyrdom, but if you love your life more than God, you aren't ready for freedom. So before you reject any of this, wait until you experience not being under Satan's spiritual oppression. You will find that loving God is extremely easy, as is obeying Him.

Jesus prayed to His Father, "'I ask not only on behalf of these [His disciples that they be sanctified in truth], but also on behalf of those who will believe in me through their word, that they may all be one. As you, Father, are in me and I am in you, may they also be in us…. The glory that you have given me I have given them, so that they may be one, as we are one. I in them and you in me, that they may become completely one, so that the world may know that you have sent me and have loved them even as you have loved me'" (John 17:20-23). Don't make the mistake, spiritual Israel, of thinking you haven't heard Christ speaking to you.

The houses of spiritual Jerusalem are mostly vacant. Come, claim a house.


"The Scripture quotations contained herein are from the New Revised Standard Version Bible, copyright, 1989, by the Division of Christian Education of the National Council of the Churches of Christ in the U.S.A. Used by permission. All rights reserved."