The Key of David

"the physical, visible reveals the spiritual, invisible things of God"

Short Answers: Where and what is heaven?


Heaven & Earth


Heaven is the primal dimension where energy has not become “locked” into the four known forces (weak, strong, electro-magnetic, and gravitational); hence heaven is “timeless.” Time and the passage of time can be written as mathematic functions of gravity so the passage of time depends upon mass, which God created. Heaven coexists with the four unfurled dimensions of length, breadth, height, and space-time. It is to these four unfurled dimensions as height is to all points on a two dimensional plane.


A Timeless Dimension:

Early generations located heaven as space beyond the stars. John Milton in his masterpiece Paradise Lost used the Ptolemaic astrological system even though he was aware of the work of Nicolaus Copernicus (1473-1543) which has the earth rotating on its axis and revolving around the sun; for only in the Ptolemaic system could Milton get heaven and hell outside of the creation. Getting heaven outside of the creation remained the problem for those with scientific backgrounds until the second half of the 20th-Century when the philosophical concept of multiple dimensions received acceptance.

The properties and potential of a timeless dimension taxes imaginations of scholars and theologians. With certainty, it can be said of timelessness that there is no decay. All life in this dimension must coexist as one entity, and must coexist with all that will be. Thus, in this dimension there is one Church and one way and there can be no other way, the reality of Jesus saying that He was the way to salvation.


Significance to the Presence & Absence of Light:

A point on a two dimensional plane when encountering a cylinder would not be able to perceive any of the cylinder’s height, for this point is confined to two dimensions. The point has no concept of height. Thus, this point would conclude that the cylinder is an arc, or a circle. Only by the cylinder casting its shadow onto the two dimensional plane could this point determine the cylinder’s height, and this determination would be made by observing where the light was and where the light was absent (dark). If this point did not know to attach significance to the presence and absence of “light” then the cylinder’s shadow that reveals the height of the cylinder would have no meaning to this point.

Take the above example and move to more dimensions. Humans are not points on a two dimensional plane; they are enlivened jars of clay in four dimensions. Humans will have, however, no more knowledge of what occurs in another dimension — heaven — than a point on a two dimensional plane has of height. So only through shadows can humans “see” into the supra-dimensional realm that is heaven, but these shadows are NOT cast upon the earth’s geography. They are, instead, cast upon the mental landscape of humankind, with this landscape revealed though the actions of fleshly humans. Unrighteousness is, now, spiritual darkness stemming from something or someone in the heavenly realm blocking the “light” that is God, and Scripture discloses that the prince of this world blocks the light that is God.


The Landscape of Prophecies:

The mental landscape of humankind is invisible, but it is revealed through the landscape of geographical pre-Flood Eden, which extended from Assyria in the north to Babylon in the east to Egypt in the south and to lands somewhat west of the Nile. Biblical prophecies are ONLY about these geographical lands that are analogous to mental landscapes; hence biblical prophecies are as much spiritually about mental topographies as they were initially about the peoples on specific lands within the parameter of pre-Flood Eden.

Rome lies outside pre-Flood Eden; hence no biblical prophecies are about Rome or the Roman Empire. Inserting Rome into biblical prophecies is the primary identifying characteristic of false prophets.


The Creation is a Glamorous Death Chamber:

Since heaven is timeless or without the passing of one moment into the next moment, all that has life in heaven has everlasting life for the moment is everlasting. The absence of life cannot co-exist with the presence of life in the same moment. And without the passing of one moment into the next moment, all life must function together as one entity. Any conflict will produce the gridlock of a paradox. All change must be able to coexist with what is so when iniquity was found in an anointed cherub (Ezek 28:11-15), this iniquity caused humanly unimaginable problems. The cherub (and the angels who supported him) had to be immediately cast from the presence of God, and the creation was produced as somewhere change could occur, where what had life could die, and actually, had to die. The creation is a glamorous death chamber.

* * *